So many times in Scripture, immediately after God intervenes in a supernatural and profound way, the very next thing that transpires seems to be a supernatural and profound trial. Consider Joseph – immediately after he had his supernaturally prophetic dream, he’s sold into slavery and finds himself in an Egyptian prison. Consider Jesus – immediately after the heavens supernaturally open up and God Himself audibly speaks, our Messiah finds Himself hungry, in the middle of the wilderness for forty days and nights, being tempted by the devil.

And, many times in our own personal lives, we have an intense encounter or experience with the Lord that is immediately followed by a season where He seems to be either very distant or completely uninterested in our dilemmas.

On the Biblical calendar, we are currently in a season immediately after the supernatural Passover ‘escape’ out of Egypt, a place where the children of Israel were enslaved for over 400 years. God showed up mightily on behalf of His children, as each of the ten plagues fell on Pharaoh and the Egyptians while the Lord shielded and protected the children of Israel. Finally, after Passover and the final plague, Pharaoh relented and released Moses and the children of Israel to enter into their destiny, namely, the Promised Land.

Wouldn’t you know it? Immediately after they were supernaturally released from their Egyptian bondage, the children of Israel were faced with an utterly impossible situation. Pharaoh had changed his mind and started chasing after them. Think about this: the greatest army on earth with horses, chariots and weaponry was in hot pursuit of the sons of Israel who had no weaponry, no training, and no army! And, to top it off, there was no place for the sons of Israel to go because God, Himself, told them to camp next to the sea.

As you’re serving the Lord and facing impossible situations, I want to encourage you to remember the following three principles from this remarkable story in Exodus 14:

1) God will get glory through the thing that is keeping you from your destiny!

Multiple times in this chapter (verses 4, 17, 18 NIV), God specifically states, “I will get glory through Pharaoh!” This extraordinary statement indicates that the thing that is currently hankering you from fulfilling your God-given call will be the thing through which God desires to get glory! If He can get glory through a Godless, Jew-hating pharaoh, He will get glory through your greatest obstacle!

2) Impossible situations are the breeding ground for God’s glory!

Israel had no place to go – they had a sea in front of them and the greatest army on earth chasing from behind. It seems to be God’s pattern to allow His children to face these types of impossibilities so that all the glory goes to Him when the breakthrough happens! Abraham couldn’t take credit for the birth of Isaac because his body was as good as dead! Sarah couldn’t take credit either because she was both barren as well as beyond the age of bearing children! When it seems like you have no place to go and you’re holding on to God’s promise to you, remember that your impossible situation is the breeding  ground for God’s glory.

3) In the end, all will know that the Lord is God!

In Ex. 14:4, the Lord says, “I will gain glory for Myself through Pharaoh…and all the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord.” The pattern in Scripture indicates that the ultimate purpose of our trials is for God to be manifested as God, causing “many to see and fear and put their trust in the Lord” (Ps 40:3).

So, as we are currently in the season immediately following God’s supernatural intervention for His children, please remember that His desire is to take your impossible situation and turn it into a profound testimony that will cause all those around you to recognize God’s faithfulness in your life.

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