Victor immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union 15 years ago with his mother and brother. From the moment he first came to us he asked deep questions about faith and Judaism, as he had spent a few years of his childhood at a Yeshiva (school for future Rabbis). After talking, one of our leaders suggested that they meet on a regular basis to study the scriptures and search for the answers to Victor’s questions. After two weeks of intense study, the Lord moved Victor’s heart and he prayed to accept Yeshua as his Messiah and Savior. Following a meeting with our Pastor, Victor was immersed in the Mediterranean Sea. With a big smile, and a heart full of joy, Victor praises the Lord wherever he goes. He is now a member of our congregation and is very thankful to be in a growing fellowship.


Dov*, an Iranian Jew, is an older man. Throughout his life he has suffered from a variety of medical problems including severe headaches. The first time we asked to pray for him in the name of Yeshua he said, “No!” However, a week later he had warmed to the idea and asked for prayer. The time of prayer calmed Dov and gave him a sense of relief. He soon began to regularly come for prayer. After a period of time, he accepted Yeshua as Messiah and was recently immersed in the Mediterranean Sea.


Recently, Orit* came into our Center with questions about Messianic Judaism. She is an immigrant from Romania who works as the manager of a hotel in Tel Aviv not far from our meeting place. Our Outreach Director invited her to come to a Shabbat service. She came early and was moved by the worship and amazed by the message, which spoke of Yeshua’s presence in the Tanakh. When the offer was made for the congregation to step forward and receive prayer, Orit came too, “wanting to know more.” She spoke with our leadership, who shared with her the message of the Good News. Right then Orit confessed Yeshua as her Lord and Messiah. We Praise God for Orit and it is our desire that many more unbelievers continue to come to our services to be changed by the Lord and given eternal life.


Recently, two women have come to the Distribution Center that we are truly honored to serve. The ladies, both born many years ago in Ukraine, are Holocaust survivors. One was sent to a camp and engraved with a number on her forearm, the other was able to hide away and avoid discovery by the Nazis. It is a great shame that, having endured the horrors of the Holocaust, they are now struggling to survive in the Holy Land. In spite of this hardship, when they visit the Distribution Center every month for food they always express their gratitude, often times with tears in their eyes. May these women, and all survivors of the Holocaust, come to know of the everlasting Love of the Father, who is here to welcome them with open arms through the Blood of the Lamb.


With the support of “Together For Israel”, we have seen the lives of many of our teens change through meetings and one on one get togethers where the truth of the word of God is proclaimed! We wanted to thank you so much for your partnership; together we are building the future generation of the Body of Messiah in Israel! May the Lord bless you!

Below are a couple examples of young Israelis touched through your support.

A Letter from ‘S’

‘S’ is a graduate of our youth group, and after successfully completing her military service in Israel, was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America. We were able to grant her a partial scholarship for her first two years of study. Upon graduation, she wants to open her own restaurant in Jerusalem. We are very excited for what God is doing through this young woman! Here is a letter that S recently wrote to us:

Thank you so much for making my dream real life!It has been very intense since I started school. I am just about to start my third term in which I will intern at a restaurant in NYC. We recently helped cook 1000 meals for the Red Cross for victims of hurricane Sandy. It was pretty amazing. I have been doing great in my academic and kitchen classes. I pray that I will continue onward and upward in this journey, with God’s help. Again, thank you for your time and generosity!


Strengthened by Faith

My name is ‘O’ and I am currently serving in the IDF in an elite specialized unit. I participated in youth group throughout High School and it changed my life. Before I started my military service, I really wanted to be strengthened in my faith. It was difficult for me to do that on my own, but with your help, I grew closer to God, and my life was changed. At the meetings everyThursday, I would always be strengthened through the intimate worship, the powerful and encouraging teachings, and the other young believers around me. It was also really encouraging to me to see the group leaders who had passed their army service, because they remained steady and strong in their faith. I was always a little afraid that the time in the army would hinder my faith.

Today, you continue to keep encouraging and strengthening me. I remember a few months into my army training when I received a package filled with goodies and a letter from the leadership. I was the happiest man alive! Through that, God showed me how much you love and care for me. It was a real-life example of 1 John 3:18: “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”


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