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God’s heart for Israel-the eternal perspective of Israel.
The eyes of the world are on Israel. Ever since God’s promise to Abraham(1) there has been a diabolical plot to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Whether it was the biblical plot of Haman(2) (written 2500 years ago) or the earthly plot of Hamas(3) (written 25 years ago), Israel has continually been in the cross hairs of the enemy’s attack (and those enemies are both natural as well as spiritual).


1. We believe that God’s unchanging heart for Israel is not based on their worthiness but rather on His irrevocable(4), unconditional-unilateral(5), and everlasting(6) covenant with Israel.

We believe that God’s heart of love for Israel as His covenant people is something foundational in the Word and has never been rescinded(7). God refers to Israel as “his firstborn son”(8); throughout Scripture He refers to Israel as “My people”(9); He promises that His unfailing love for Israel will never be shaken(10); and He refers to Israel as “the apple of His eye”(11).


2. We believe that just as there is a God-induced partial blindness over the eyes of Israel where their Messiah is concerned, there is also a man-induced (if not satanically orchestrated) blindness over the eyes of the Church where Israel is concerned.

Ultimately, Satan’s earthly rule is over when Jesus returns to Jerusalem to establish His Kingdom. And, Jesus can’t return to earth until a Jewish Jerusalem welcomes Him back(12). Biblically, before a Jewish Jerusalem can welcome their Messiah back, there must be a Church that comes into a necessary fullness and stature that God intends(13). No wonder the enemy opposes Israel as a nation – their future salvation signifies the end of the devil’s rule!

We must realize that the Church and Israel are inextricably joined together – Israel’s very salvation is dependent on the Church(14). As a matter of fact, the Bible specifically states that the very purpose of the Gospel going to the Gentiles (the Nations) is to provoke Israel to jealousy!(15)

The longer that the enemy keeps the Church in the dark with regard to their role in Israel’s salvation, the longer he gets to rule. This is the hour for the Church to come into its fullness and fulfill all that the Lord destined for them where Israel is concerned. I believe that the time is now for an awakening in the Church towards a renewed awareness and sensitivity to Israel and the Church’s role towards Israel.


3. We believe that the issue of Israel is the issue of God’s glory.

Israel’s regathering into their land, followed by their restoration to God, has nothing to do with the fact that they deserve it – as a matter of fact, the Bible says they don’t. Rather, it has everything to do with the mercy of God who orchestrates it(16) so that His Holy Name will be vindicating among the nations.


4. We believe that the forces of hell are opposed to Israel in direct correlation to God’s intended purpose for them.


5. We believe that you cannot fulfill your destiny as Christians without carrying God’s heart for Israel.

It is clear in Scripture that God judges nations based on their treatment of Israel(17). Unfortunately, throughout Church history, people who have professed Christianity have also been the ones that have caused Jews most pain. To many Jews, Christianity is the religion that is responsible for persecution, anguish, and death to their people throughout history. And, many in the Church have no clue of the pain that has been caused. As Ed Flannery so eloquently states, “The pages Jews have memorized have been torn from our histories of the Christian era…”(18). The tide must be turned and this is the hour for the Church to carry God’s heart for Israel.


We propose these four practical points as follows:

  • Pray (Ps 122:7; Is 62:6-7)
  • Provoke (Rom 11:11, 14)
  • Proclaim (Jer 31:10)
  • Provide (Rom 15:25-27)



TFI exists to trumpet the message of God’s heart for Israel, as well as to support the believers, both Arab and Jew, laboring in the Land of Israel.



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